What is BR Cty? BR Cty is the first universal bar rewards app that rewards you with specialty drinks from your favorite venues. Whether that be through your favorite bar, restaurant, brewery, music festival, etc.

Where are you located? We are located in Birmingham, AL

How do I get my rewards? By visiting your favorite place and going the amount of times that your favorite place requires. Each reward for each place is different. For example, if you go to Bombay Club and register your visits, you can get a free specialty drink on your fourth visit.

How often can I get rewards? As much as you want! Visits and earning rewards are completely for free and you can visit different cities and get their rewards as well!

How do I register my visit? Registering your visit is a two-step process. 1. By turning your location services on and being at the bar. 2. After your location is verified, you will need to scan the bar’s qr code or enter their passcode.

How do I redeem rewards? Accumulating visits and earning rewards is completely for free! In order to redeem your reward(s) you must first buy a payment plan. Payment plans vary for what city or cities you want. For example, if you want to only get rewards in your city you must buy the one American city plus all international cities payment plan at $5 for the entire year.

How can I join BR Cty? If you own a local business you may reach out to us at any time either through our app, website- brcty.com, or email- brcty1206@gmail.com

Do you continually track my location? No freaking way! We delete your data every 24 hrs to save on storage costs